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Dynamo Healthcare Training Academy (DHTA) is a specialist provider dedicated to supporting young people to commence careers in healthcare, through excellent employer partnerships and focused training and development to meet specific roles.

Healthcare Trainee (6 Months Classroom with 8 Weeks Work Experience Integrated)

As healthcare Trainees in the second stage, you will begin a focused training programme linked to a specific role and service.  Combining classroom and work experience you will have plenty of opportunity to ensure the role is right for you.

Traineeships will be in:

  • Clinical Health for roles in GP practices, NHS Trusts and Community Health services.
  • Medical Reception in any healthcare setting.
  • Social Care Assistant or Support Worker specialising in Learning Disabilities or Dementia.

Trainees will attend class room based studies specifically focusing in these areas and will link with an employer to ensure they will be suitable for the Apprenticeship with them in employment.  The trainee will complete the Care Framework Certificate and mandatory training to ensure they are safe for the workplace. The trainee and employer will be supported throughout this element of the programme to ensure success and any problems will be dealt with immediately.

At the end of the Traineeship, those individuals who are linked to employers who require them to be mobile for work, will be supported to access the Moped/Hire purchase scheme.

Moped Hire/Purchase Scheme:

  1. At the end of the traineeship programme at stage 2 students will:
  • Attain their moped provisional licence.
  • Complete the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificate.
  • Road Safety Gear provided.
  • Monthly services with Cornwall Wheels to Work Service.

DHCTA will provide the above in preparation for young people who will be commencing an Apprenticeship with an Employer who requires them to be mobile.  The Employer will agree to pay the high rate Apprenticeship salary and deduct an element of this salary to DHCTA for the first 5 months in order to cover costs of Moped.

The minimum hourly rate for an Apprentice is £3.50 per hour, however for those who will be using the Moped Hire/Purchase scheme the minimum rate will be £6.50 per hour, employers can increase further if they wish.  Please download the Moped Hire/purchase scheme information.

The young person will own the Moped at the end of the Apprenticeship year.

Please view our Apprenticeships pathways page for further information

Please contact us if you would like to discus or Apply here


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